Astronomical Observatory on Kolonica Saddle

The Vihorlat Observatory has its detached workplace built for the performance of a professional observation activity. The Astronomical Observatory in the gap Kolonické sedlo (hereinafter as AO) is situated in the eastern part of the Snina district, at the road connecting Snina town with the border crossing SR/Ukraine in Ubľa.

How to get there by car: After crossing the gap Kolonické sedlo turn right after some 600 metres behind the village Kolonice and the observatory complex can be found behind the wooden sign some 280 metres from the main road.

By bicycle: Use the cycling route Snina - Sninské rybníky - Pri Umartom - Šponáreň - Rázcestie nad Kolonicou - Križovatka Koľajka - AO.

By air: There is an airport situated directly at the AO (500 m, asphalt), which is not operated despite the good condition of the landing ground, and thus the air transport is possible only to the closest airport in Kamenica nad Cirochou (30 km).

By public transport train, bus: Rails are ending in the village Stakčín. It is recommended to change to bus already in Humenné or in Snina. Buses going to Ubľa or Strihovec pass through Kolonica, same as the bus that goes around the whole mountain range Vihorlat through Humenné, Snina, Ubľa and Michalovce. You should in any case avoid buses going through Kalná Roztoka. They have a bus stop called Kolonica rázcestie, but it is 7 km far from AU and then the bus goes through neighbouring valley.


There is no bus stop directly at AO. You should buy ticket to the village Ladomirov and ask the driver to get out at the observatory. You should state the destination Ladomirov also when looking for a connection on the internet.


Latitude : +48° 56´ 05,7” (+-0.2”) = +48°934917
Longitude: E 22° 16´ 25,7” (+-0.2”) = 22°2738 = 1h 29m 05,71s
Altitude : 460 above sea level




1. Main building of the observatory
2. The dome of VNT
3. Wooden pavillion
4. Pavillion with removable roof - ATACAMA
5. Old pavillion with removable roof
6. The UPJŠ Košice pavillion
7. Observing platform for public - ASTROTURISM
9. Solar telescope for public
10. Climatology station of the Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute
11. Sun clock
12. Information centre of the Dark Sky Park Poloniny


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