Variable stars

Observing program

The observation program aimed at the research of variable stars is under a constant development in the AO in the gap Kolonické sedlo. We started with visual observing of eclipsing variables and physical variables were added later. Observations were performed usually only during expeditions and astropractices. The ccd photometry was started after coming of a permanent observer in March 2006. The first testing measurements on the two-channel photoelectric photometer were made in September 2006. The amount of monitored object types grows with the development of observation technology. A conceptual observation program has been created in the interest of an efficient development, which we gradually fulfil.

We present selection of slovak photometric observation of variable stars done at AO Kolonica Saddle. The observation are sorted according star, observer, instrument and observing program. Observing programs corresponds to observing projects of Variable stars section of Czech Astronomical Association.
  • BRNO = eclipsing binaries
  • HERO = high energy sources (CVs, blazars, quasars)
  • MEDUZA = the rest of intrinsically variables
  • TRESCA = transits of exoplanets

The database is running thanks to Lubos Brat script and is hosted at


Scientific papers published by Vihorlat Observatory staff.

Variable stars news

Monthly monitoring of the progress in variable stars research. Special emphasis to observations made in Kolonica. Only in Slovak

Institutions and observing progrms
  • - Slovak variable stars homepage
  • AsÚ SAV - Astronomical Institute Slovak Academy of Sciences
  • SZAA - Slovak Union of Amateur Astronomers
  • B.R.N.O - Variable Stars Section of Czech Astronomical Society
  • VSNET - maillists dedicated to variable stars
  • AFOEV - French Associacion of Variable stars Observers
  • BAA VSS - Variable Stars Section of British Astronomical Society
  • AAVSO - American Associcion of variable Stars Observers
  • Sebastian Otero - Private webpage of argentinian visual observer
  • HaP Hlohovec
  • Hvezdáreň Sobotište
  • CBA - Network of small telescopes for CVs photometry
  • Projekt dwarf - Eclipsing binaries as precise clocks to discover exoplanets
  • GCVS - General Catalogue of Variable Stars
  • VSX Variable star index
  • Downes - The Catalog and Atlas of Cataclysmic Variables
  • Ritter Kolb - Catalogue of Cataclysmic Binaries, actualised
  • HQS CVS - Cataclismic variables from the Hamburg Quasar Survey
  • Koji Mukai - Intermediate Polar Home Page
  • ADS - Digital Library portal for researchers in Astronomy and Physics
  • O-C gate - Times of minima of eclipsing binaries
  • GCPD - Photometry query form
  • SIMBAD - Cross identification of astronomical objects
  • VizieR - Browser in astronomical catalogues
  • NSVS - Photometry from ROTSE-1 experiment
  • ASAS-3 - Photometric monitoring of southern sky
  • SDSS - Search in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey data
  • IBVS - The Information Bulletin on Variable Stars
  • OEJV - Open European Journal on Variable stars
  • Perseus - Czech journal for amateurs astronomers about variable stars
  • Peremennye Zvezdy - Russian journal
  • CAOSP - Contributions of the Astronomical Observatory Skalnaté Pleso




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